Pro Bono Program

NetSuite’s Pro Bono program connects nonprofits and social enterprises with employees who donate their time and expertise to help organizations make the most of their software donation. The application process is currently closed. 

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How Pro Bono Works at Netsuite

The Pro Bono Program enables nonprofits and social enterprises to maximize their use of NetSuite’s technologies with free capacity-building projects from NetSuite employees. As a recipient of a NetSuite software donation you can apply for pro bono projects every quarter.

Please Note: The Pro Bono program should not be a replacement for services you would otherwise pay for. While our employees are well-trained, they are giving their time to complete a specific project.

Product Donations & Pro Bono Playbook

Tech companies making software product donations to social change organizations have generated billions of dollars in savings for nonprofits. These donating companies have robust training, customer service, and implementation support for their paying clients, but what happens to their social sector clients? The Product Donations + Pro Bono Playbook, developed in partnership with Taproot Foundation, guides companies to offer that same level of support to donation recipients in the social sector. When social change organizations receive pro bono support in concert with their product donation, they can successfully implement and use donated products to help achieve their mission.

Download the Product Donations + Pro Bono Playbook

What to Expect as an Organization 

Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis in January, April, and July. Projects are completed during a quarter:

  • Q1: January to March
  • Q2: April to June
  • Q3: July to September

A point of contact from your organization should plan to dedicate 20-30 hours during the quarter. Projects have a higher probability of success when both the organization and volunteers are highly engaged. 

A Program Overview 

To learn more about the program, including how it works, timing, commitment required, how to apply, and what makes a good application, watch this helpful video.  

Project Timeline

Steps 1 & 2 generally take place in the first month of the quarter (January, April, July)
 Steps 3-6 generally take place during the subsequent 2 months

Project Offerings


Getting Started

Configuration & Customization


Marketing / Development

Website Design


Click here to view all projects.

Case Studies

The Application Is Now Closed - Check with your Account Manager for more details.

Click here to take look at a sample application to better understand what we look for in a submission. 

Contact Us to express interest or talk with your account manager.



Please refer to our FAQs or email us.


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